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Ambiophonic DSP in your PC audio player renders sound previously unheard, awaiting discovery in your recording collection. Sounds are not confined to speaker boxes, but levitate above and extend beyond them. You are no longer confined to your room, as walls open to reveal the concert/movie/game scene. A well-recorded performance that you might think sounds fine in stereo will, in Ambio, be extraordinary and exciting again. Like a live experience, you can pin-point in space every crystal clear voice & instrument. Proof is in the demonstration below.

Ambiophonic DSP revives realism that is astounding, restoring a 120° wide recording perspective compared to 60° stereo (see Figure) – with life-like imaging, spatiality, and tone color (timbre). Ambience achieves listener envelopment (LEV), though from stereo recordings and only two speakers. Solo voices are adjustable in the mix, are free of the coloration of stereo’s phantom comb-filtering, and are free of stereo's perceptual confusion (when central sounds come from speakers not actually in front). Just add this software plug-in to get the most from your audio gear.

Ambiophonic DSP is available now at www.electro-music.com.

Fig.-Dramatically improving upon stereo speakers L & R, Ambiophonics' speakers FL & FR recreate a stage extending to virtual FL & FR, with uncolored center voices, and maximum listener envelopment (LEV).

Ambiophonic DSP is a VST™ (Steinberg GmbH) plug-in that boosts performance listening with loudspeakers. For most music recordings, movies, or games, AmbioDSP (for short) emulates human perception more than conventional stereo speakers. Hosts range from sophisticated professional Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) to consumer entertainment software, such as Winamp. AmbioDSP does NOT rely on transient-destroying phase shifting, nor on tone color-altering multi-band compression (not to mention image-blurring by compressing the channels individually) like those that crush dynamics just to be louder. Developed by world-recognized audio engineers, Ambiophonic DSP both recovers spatial qualities AND corrects perceived imaging. User group discussion is at www.electro-music.com Ambiophonics forum.

New to Ambiophonics? Ambiophonic DSP unveils sonic images, previously dormant or distorted at the loudspeaker stage, using closely-spaced speakers and digital signal processing (DSP). Laptop and desktop speakers approach the ideal "16 Degrees of Separation." For sample recordings and scientific papers, follow links below and at ambiophonics.org - innovations by Filmaker Technology.

Resources: Demonstration Recordings & Tools...

For a demonstration of Ambiophonic DSP-processed music (rock, electronic, marching band, opera) and their advanced algorithm presets optimized for a typical laptop/desktop PC, right-click wma, Save Link As to your desktop, then listen via Windows Media Audio. AmbioDSP uniquely delivers both a wide stage AND corrects timbral and level changes of central sounds.

For a test of "left, right, center stage" with filtered pink noise, right-click mp3 or wma format and Save Link As to My Music. Or select wav version to burn a CD (large file; longer download). Then for calibrating your system when using AmbioDSP, click the Bypass preset and adjust amplifiers so pink noise from FL or FR reads 85dB SPL on a sound meter at the listening position.

For installation, presets, controls, & operation of Ambiophonic DSP, download User Guide.

Buy Ambiophonic DSP at www.electro-music.com.


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